Friday, January 6, 2012

+ how to dress: Fairy Kei style

 + one of my favorite Japanese street styles is FAIRY KEI. it contains a whole lot of KAWAII [cute]  x 80s POP & CHARACTERS. It's really fun and a lot of the products in the Kawaii x Bows x Arrows etsy store is based on this style.

here are a few good EXAMPLES:

+ a big part of fairy kei is a focus on the 80s and popular CUTE characters from that era such as : Barbie, Popples, Care Bears, My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, Disney Characters, etc

+ fairy kei style is usually expressed with pastel colors [mainly pinks, blues, greens, yellows, and purples] and similar neon colors as well
 + make-up is usually somewhat soft or glittery [eyes] and mimics the colors in the outfit

+ kawaii [cute] accessories are also a big part of this style. cute bows, bracelets, rings, earrings, purses, etc are a must.
+ this style is great if you like to DIY [to make your own accessories] or thrift [to find cute stuff from the 80s]

+ cute socks and tights in pastel colors with prints such as sweet hearts, or stars, or rainbows are very popular. leg warmers are too, since this is an 80s based style!

+ cute little skirts are very popular with this style but fairy kei style colored shorts or jeans can be acceptable as well!
+ hair usually mimics the style and is bright colors, whether it's dye, extensions, or a wig.
+ some of my favorite popular brands that sell fairy kei style items are : Spank!, Chocomint , Electric Alice, and Milklim  [but these are sometimes quite pricey]

xoxo, lindsey


  1. LOVE this style@!!! <3

  2. Though it's not really my style, I do think it's uber kawaii!! Those girls pull it off so well. They look might cute.

  3. wauw your blog is so sweet! love it!
    have you seen my giveaway? come and take a look!

    Kiss Kiss

  4. Wahh, Hahahhaa amazing style. SO KAWAII!

  5. marshmallow cuteness on top of a cloud made of rainbows and sugar.... yay

  6. these dresses are fantastic my favourite is the girl with pink baloon . she is really is rcking the bunny necklace and the cute pumps