Tuesday, November 29, 2011

+ a little minnie, me

+ i decided to play dress up the other day

i mixed some floral prints and leopard and black.
that sounds all bad but it turned out pretty kyute ^_^

the bow made me look a little like minnie mouse. lol

Monday, November 28, 2011

+ tumbling and tumbling :)

+ been having way too much fun. hours upon end. on the Bows And Arrow Tumblr Blog. here's some of the pics from the page. cuteness to the max  ^_^ kawaii and lolita'd out!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

+ kawaii kyutie + inspiration: Pastel Raindrops

+ somewhere in a land of purple unicorns and pretty pink bows, there's Pastel Raindrops. an amazing blog by Mio. from her kitsch room full of rainbow plushies and pretty makeup to her amazingly cute DIY projects, she always manages to keep me captivated. her blog is one of my favorites to go to for inspiration, which I need a lot of right now :)  her look is always changing but still always cute and she stays true to her style which is everything cute x lolita x kitsch x kawaii.  that's why she's this week's inspiration!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

+ new direction: kawaii inspiration


+ hope you like the inspiration pics.

+ sometimes, there are things you love that inspire you, but you have to find ways to KEEP them inspiring you. i knew i loved crafting bows, but after a while i realized that it wasn't enough. it was hard to come up w/ collection themes for new bows and materials, and afterwards i'd always find things i wanted to make but didn't because they didn't "fit" in. but there is a love i have as much as the love i have for bows. it's the love of all things lolita x kawaii x cute and sweet x kitsch . i have decided to re-vamp the brand to forever represent my love of these things.  there will still be majority bow-based pieces but this will allow me to do even more unique jewelry pieces as well!