Thursday, July 14, 2011

+ hair bow.literally!

. . .we tweeted asking if anybody may want to see a tutorial for how to re-create the lady gaga hair bow. the answer was clearly, YES! so, here you go! this is the best and most popular one we've found! super cute and way easier than I thought!


Saturday, July 9, 2011

+ favoritism

. . .everybody seems to want to know from me what my favorite piece is from the new collection so far! although i'm going to be releasing new pieces weekly, my current favorite is the "Ice Cream Parlor" ring! uber cute!


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

+ out on a limb

two little bows, sitting in a tree, B-O-W-S And Arrow please. [was that corny?]
anywho, I love this photo, and this necklace!

+ the nautical girl

showing respect to all things navy-ish and nautical.
they say everything is bigger in texas, like this bow, made from a texas flag.

+ the native american

native american inspired, vintage americana collection piece. 
i'm re-creating a veil like this for my wedding, if I ever find a husband.

+ a new beginning

This season, things have changed, and that's for the better. I've been slaving away, working on the lookbook and new store for the new "Vintage Americana" collection. Finally, the time is almost here, and i'm absolutely pooped! 

Throughout the sewing needle and hot glue wounds, an amazing collection was created and I hope that it is enjoyed by ALL.

I'll be posting a few pictures from the lookbook, because, hey, the new blog needs some posts, and I know you want to see larger versions of the pictures!