Friday, December 16, 2011

+ it's me again

+ trying out some new eyeliner turned into this ^_^
carpet ride?
blush was tooooo pink. if i did makeup reviews i would speak more on it, but i don't. . .well not yet at i'll go back to darker, redish blush. not powdery pinky pink!

this floral vintage jumpsuit was a super find. it's pretty awesome and i wish i had a few pink or purple highlights in my hair to match it, but blah. lol
oh.and. i need to tame my mane!
but i'm so busy working on bows and stuff for the accessories line release, that i don't have much time for fun and peak coming soon!



  1. I love your style! So lovely! I hope you get lots of readers and followers, your style is awesome! lots of love x

  2. Oh goh, I LOVED you shoes!

  3. This outfit is very eyecatching! The jumpsuit fits you perfectly, it was a great find, and the pink pumps work with it so well^^/