Saturday, November 26, 2011

+ kawaii kyutie + inspiration: Pastel Raindrops

+ somewhere in a land of purple unicorns and pretty pink bows, there's Pastel Raindrops. an amazing blog by Mio. from her kitsch room full of rainbow plushies and pretty makeup to her amazingly cute DIY projects, she always manages to keep me captivated. her blog is one of my favorites to go to for inspiration, which I need a lot of right now :)  her look is always changing but still always cute and she stays true to her style which is everything cute x lolita x kitsch x kawaii.  that's why she's this week's inspiration!

+ i can't wait to start making our kawaii jewelry so I can send her some stuff :)


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  1. Omg I looovee youuu!! Such a cute girl! *.* Your Mirroooorr! Aaaaehh!! you are sugar!